What is Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA)?

The JOTA is an annual event in which Scouts and Guides all over the world speak to each other by means of amateur radio contacts. Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared, via the radio waves.

When Scouts want to meet young people from another country they usually think of attending a World Jamboree or another international gathering. But few people realize that each year about half-a-million Scouts and Guides "get together" over the airwaves for the annual Jamboree-on-the--Air (JOTA). Modern communication technology offers Scouts the exciting opportunity to make friends in other countries without even leaving home.....

jota 2004 . christchurch

JOTA took place as an overnight camp operating from Saturday midday to 3pm Sunday. Jota was run as a combined CARDS and br 56 operation. A station was erected at Omaka off Johns Road. A total of 43 contacts were made, 8 on HF (voice and PSK31) and the rest on Echolink& IRLP. Participants included Guides, scouts, cubs and Ventures.

Many varying activities took place. A short course taught the scouts about radio and operating procedures. Training in radio procedures took place on a PRS net set up around the camp. ATV was used between buildings using cameras and transmitters on 1.2 Ghz and 2.4Ghz. ARDF and fox hunting took place using 2mtr and HF equipment. The 2 mtr equipment suffered a little due to QRM from the data repeater. A professional 160 MHz possum tracking system used by D.O.C was also in use.